New Hires Team Spiio

Senior Firmware Engineer and avid home gardener, Jesper Nielsen, joins Spiio

We would like to introduce Jesper Nielsen as our newest hire to Spiio’s talented development team. Jesper is not only an experienced firmware engineer but also deep into home gardening.

As a firmware engineer, Jesper will be focused on the relationship on how Spiio’s sensor and software interact. Jesper has always had a love with technology that started by playing with electricity, electronics and mechanics when he was a 10 year old growing up in Denmark. 

Jesper has a degree as an electronics technician and later went on to take computer science courses and an ICT engineering degree. Jesper worked for 13 years in university R&D and, most recently, he has spent four years as an embedded developer and consultant with Prevas A/S, a larger nordic consulting company.

So, what made Jesper choose Spiio after 17 years of working in larger organizations ?

“During the interview process, I realized that I missed the excitement of working in a smaller and tighter team where everybody is much more involved. After starting with Spiio and meeting the team this has proven to be true, and I am also excited about the level and quality of Spiio’s technology – it is very well built and thoughtfully designed.”

Jesper Nielsen

His expertise in multiple technology domains will be an integral asset for Spiio in our efforts to lead the future of in-ground data and internet-of-things (IoT). Jesper joins a dynamic and fast paced team already spanning three continents.

“Jesper was one of our very last applicants. When we first met him, we knew right away he possessed the technical expertise and understanding for what’s next in the field of IoT. ”

Jens-Ole Graulund, CTO, Spiio

In his spare time, Jesper enjoys spending time in his allotment garden growing crops outside as well as in his greenhouse. His passion for the green industry, soils and plants gives him a unique perspective being part of the Spiio team defining a green technology company. Not only is Jesper not afraid of getting his hands dirty in the garden, but he also loves architecture and carpentry which he has been putting to use building on his garden house for the past 25 years. Jesper sums it up very well:

“My allotment and the garden house is a perfect playground.”

Jesper Nielsen

Welcome to a new Spiio playground Jesper, we are very excited to have you onboard.