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Spiio Leaf

Spiio Leaf is a wireless sensor that gives the gardener full digital control of your plants.
The way we see it, then with a little help from Spiio Leaf, taking care of millions of
plants will be no hassle in the future. Spiio Leaf is the digital finger that allow
the gardeners to recombine expertise about plant health in new ways.

Spiio Leaf measures the following conditions:




Designed for Green Walls & Much More

Spiio is so thrilled about working with green walls that we have designed Spiio Leaf to fit these beautiful living installations.
Our sensors are here to assist you in your weekly maintenance of all your green walls. By logging crucial plant data,
Spiio Leaf will always notify you when your green walls need attention. Our online map allows you to keep track
of millions of plants across thousands of locations - always only one click away. Spiio Leaf saves you time
and resources, which make you capable of delivering higher quality green walls.

Spiio's Online Map

Spiio's interface is finetuned for maintaining a clear, calm overview over millions of plants simultaneously.
Click, scroll and browse through your locations. Filter between yellow and green leaves, customize push notifications
and analyze historic plant data. This interface is currently being built with gardeners from the ground and up.

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